12 Bar Blues Jam Collection

The 12 Bar Blues Jam Collection includes the following MP3 backing tracks:

  1. A Minor Blues
  2. Shuffle In A
  3. Slow Blues In A
  4. Walking Bass In A
  5. B Flat Jazz Blues
  6. Walking Bass in B Flat
  7. Walking Bass in B
  8. Shuffle In B
  9. Slow Blues In B
  10. Walking Bass In C
  11. Shuffle in C
  12. Slow Blues In C
  13. C Sharp Minor Blues
  14. Funky Blues In C Sharp
  15. Walking Bass In C Sharp
  16. Slow Blues In D
  17. Texas Blues In D
  18. Walking Bass In D
  19. D Sharp Minor Blues
  20. Walking Bass In D Sharp
  21. E Minor Blues
  22. Slow Blues In E
  23. Texas Blues In E
  24. Walking Bass In F
  25. Shuffle In F
  26. Slow Blues In F
  27. F Sharp Shuffle
  28. Walking Bass In F Sharp
  29. Slow Blues In F Sharp
  30. G Minor Blues
  31. Walking Bass In G
  32. Shuffle In G
  33. Slow Blues In G
  34. G Sharp Shuffle
  35. Walking Bass In G Sharp
  36. Slow Blues In G Sharp

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