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“Guitar Workout” Ebook

    Start Building Speed Today

    These exercises are not something you play through once and then forget about. Performing these exercises regularly is an absolute must. It’s like going to the gym to workout. If you stick with it and keep a regular schedule you will see a marked improvement as time goes by.

    Learn To Burn

    It doesn’t matter what level of guitar playing you are at. It doesn’t matter what style of music you play. Everyone can benefit from the same exercises, and it’s important that you keep doing them. If you slack off at the gym you’ll see your muscle development deteriorate after time. It’s the same with these technique exercises. You can spend months or even years building up blazing fretboard speed, but the point where you stop exercising your fingers on a regular basis is the point where your hard-earned skills will deteriorate.

    Develop Confidence

    Applied properly, these exercises will help you to develop confidence in your playing and will help make you aware of weak areas of your playing that need concentrated effort. They are a great way to start out a practice session. They will help loosen your fingers and stretch your hand muscles to get you ready to practice other material.

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